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Awards 2021-22

Purpose of Awards

The purpose Professional Awards & Honors that to Recognize & Acknowledge the dedication and service of Individuals & Organizations Whose Innovative, creativity, passion for intellectual pursuit and development of work, talent and expertise make the greatest contributions, outstanding achievements and Research advancement in profession, the project management and workforce through the advancement of leadership, academic and technological skills, intellectual & excellence in publication of articles, books and projects.

Why Professional Awards

It provides unique, excellent opportunity to high- achieving professionals. The organization networking opportunities to advance careers, improve the individual and organizational success and further creating the awareness, standards of full-fledged activities of profession from School level to the most advanced information and the overhaul professional activities as per the criteria and eligibility of the awards standards.

Nomination and Application

The Executive committee is currently Upgrading and issuing the several awards, Honors and regularly invites nominations of candidates and Institutions, in accordance with the provisions, criteria and objects of the organization. The organization tie up with expert regional committees from University, research Journals & institutions, associations and International organizations.

Evaluation Process

The Professional Organisation has many types of Educational & Professional Awards and that is based on the Individual Outstanding Experience, Contribution, Achievements and Dedicated Services in the area of specialisation . Individual Resume or Profile or Bibliography is important for Evaluation process.

Individual Title of Award

will be considered and selected based on the credits and Merits of Point System as per the Criteria.

The Individual has to Email the Resume for further Evaluation.


The Purpose of Global Educationalist & Professional Meet 2018-19-20-21

Organized by The Society of Innovative Educationalist & Scientific Research Professional Chennai Organization , Accredited with Innovative Scientific Research professional Malaysia is focused on Educational & Professional activities of the organization to advance the current Educational , Technological development & to carry on the necessary Services for Individual Awards and as well as Institution, Research Paper Submission, Individual Skilled Projects display, Employment Opportunity for Students and Faculty , Various disciplines Worldwide Recognized Professional- Educational Membership and Meeting the International Reputed Well known Leaders to communicate each other to carry on services and network to upgrade the career.

The Educational & Professional Organization commitment is to provide update resources and a highly developed structure that will enable the Educationalist & professionals, Students to meet the complex challenges of modern industry and it has eminent personalities associated with us.

The Organization has given the great opportunity for everyone to participate in its working. All those Organizations, Professionals, Journal Editorial Board Members & Students who are eager to share their experience with the world can make their dreams come true through our Global Educationalist & Professional meet.

Individuals and organization can make best use of the Organization services for bringing out the innovations in the area of specialization by exhibiting the skills and knowledge; equally get the updated with the technological advancement through the Organization

Participant: School Students – Institution & University Students –Research Scholars - Faculty – School Teachers – Lecturers – Professors – Engineering Professional– Medical Science Practitioners Mathematician & Law Professional –Institution-University-Organization- Entrepreneur, etc.

Resume for further Evaluation.


2018-19-20-21 Global Educationalist & Professional Meet

Section 1 - Global Awards & Honors Convocation Services

  1. Special Invitation for Recipient of Award

  2. Recipient of Educational & Professional Award Plaque (Award is based on the specialization)

  3. Soft copy of the Award Certificate

  4. Hard Copy of the Award Certificate

  5. Soft copy of Award - Convention Session Photographs

  6. Recipient of Award details will be published in Educational & Professional Magazine​


Section 2 – International Conference Services

  1. Convention Participation Certificate

  2. Paper/Project/Thesis Submission Certificate

  3. Soft copy of Malaysian Journal publication

  4. Soft copy of Convention Proceeding

  5. Membership Card issued by The Society of Innovative Educationalist & Scientific Research Professional


Section 3 –Global Educational - Professional Meet & Benefits

  1. International University-Educational visit & Participant Certificate

  2. International University Guest Lecture Participant Certificate (Expert Professionals only)

  3. Fellow Grade Membership Certificate issued by The Society of Innovative Educationalist & Scientific Research Professional

  4. Certificate of Session Chair-Key Note Speaker

  5. Certificate of Reviewer (Accredited Malaysian Journal)

  6. Certificate of Malaysian Journal Editorial Board Member, Consulting Editor/Technical - Editor/ Associate Editor/ Professional Consultant/Review Committee/Member/ Executive Editor, etc.)

  7. International Educational- Professional Exposure


Institution Awards

  • Best Institution for Dedicated Educational Development Award

  • Excellent Institution Dedicated Educational Service Achievement Award

  • Excellent Institution & Dedicated Professional Achievement Award

  • Excellent & Dedicated Institution Professional Development Award

  • Excellent Technical Education Service & Dedicated Institution Award

  • Technical Education Service & Dedicated Institution Award

  • Best Technical Institution Professional Development Award

  • Best Institution Professional Development Award

  • Best University for Research & Professional Development Award

  • Best University for Research & Educational Development Award

  • Excellent Research Center & Dedicated Institution Award

  • Excellent Research Center & Dedicated University Award

  • Excellent Research Center & Dedicated Department Award

  • Excellent Research Center & Dedicated Laboratory Establishment Award

  • Excellent & Dedicated Laboratory Establishment Award

  • Best Department For Professional Achievement Award

  • Best Department For Educational Service Achievement Award

  • Best Department For Academic Achievement Award


Globally Recognized Leaders participation

Worldwide Recognized, Reputed well known Educationalist – Professional- Scientist –Academician- Researchers –Industrialists from Organization and from the following Universities, Professional Bodies, and Associations will be arriving to take part for Best Role which is the Highest Recognition.

For Absentia

Those who are unable to attend the  Convention, may register themselves to receive the Award by Speed Post.

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