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Regd. No.914846-M


Estd : Sep 2010           Incorporated in Malaysia            Regd. No.914846-M 


We are the ISRPM and we inspire, inform and influence the global multi-discipline community to educate a better world. As a diverse home across Engineering and Technology, Management Science, Medical Technology, Law and Arts, and Sciences, we share knowledge that helps make better sense of the world to solve the challenges that matter. It’s why we are uniquely placed to multi-discipline activities.

Vision and Strategy

Our aims and aspirations and how we intend to achieve them.

Our Values Integrity - Operate professionally and ethically to gain trust.
Be open and honest with each other.
Respect everyone and value each other’s contribution.

Excellence - Work towards the highest level of service and satisfaction.
Use agile methods and seek innovative solutions to add value.
Continually improve and adopt best practices.

Teamwork - Encourage staff and volunteers to work together.
Recognize the value of talented individuals working in teams.
Be collaborative and partner with other organizations.

The  organization  registered office is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Object of the organization ISRPM 


To carry on business as publishers of scientific research journals and magazines related to



Medical Technology

Law and Management and other area of specialization,

Directories, newsletters, books glossaries and policy enforcements in various field.



To carry on business  as


Projects and



Individual Professional awards and as well as Institution

Affiliation and issue the membership to be member of various disciplines

Inviting the people from worldwide to communicate each other.



To carry on business to conduct

The workshop

Educate technical training course and

Study of advance diploma certificate

Organizing convention, conference, seminar, placement guidance

Short term program  in many area of specialization and

Travel related services

Tie up with International organization network to upgrade the communication

Certifications and recognizing the institution and

The academic personality ability skills of various areas and

To recommend them for their career up gradation.

The Aim of the Organization

The Professional Organization association with Innovative Scientific Research Professional Malaysia, invites professionals to be part of the organization and to share their views with technological advancement. The Professional Organization commitment is to provide update resources and a highly developed structure that will enable the professionals and to students to meet the complex challenges of modern industry and it has eminent personalities associated with us.

The Educational- Professional Organization has given the great opportunity for everyone to participate in its working. All those Organizations, Professionals, Journal Editorial Board Members & Students who are eager to share their experience with the world can make their dreams come true through Professional Organization.

Individuals and organization can make best use of the Professional Organization services for bringing out the innovations in the area of specialization by exhibiting the skills and knowledge and equally get the updated with the technological advancement through the Professional Organization.

Registered Journals in Malaysia

  • Journals Published in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Journal of Electrical Electronics & Computer Engineering Research (JEECER) ISSN: 2229-9289

  • Journal of Automotive Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Research (JAMAER) ISSN: 2229-9270

  • Journal of Engineering Technological Research (JETR) ISSN: 2229-9262 Malaysia

  • Journal of Engineering Technology & Management Science (JETMS) ISSN: 2229-9254 Malaysia

  • Engineering Today -ISSN: 2180-0995 Malaysia

  • Technology Today – ISSN: 2180-0987 Malaysia

  • Technology Today (Online) e-ISSN: 2289-4217

  • The Technology World (Online) e-ISSN: 2289-4225

  • The Technology World – 2180-1614 Malaysia

ISPRM Membership

Issue of Membership certificate for Educationalist and Professionals

Based on the following criteria and more credential the membership  registration certificate will be issued to individuals on any specialization.

1.       Approved Highest  Educational Qualification

2.      Innovative Project & excellent  knowledge

3.      Dissertation & Research paper publication

4.      Vast Experience practical exposure.

5.      Editorial Board Member Registration in any 

         Registered Journals

6.      High level Designation and Leadership

7.      Professional membership Registration

8.      Chartered Engineer Registration

9.      Professional Engineer Registration

10.    Dedicated services in the field of education and practice.

11.     Achievement through awards recognition

12.    Seminar, workshop, conference participation

13.    Innovative Top Profile

14.    Scientific Research work

15.    Excellent knowledge in Editorial


Membership Grade








  • Senior Member - SMISRPM

  • Fellow - FISRPM 

  • Senior Fellow - SFISRPM

  • Patron Member

  • Corporate Member


Membership Fee  -  Life Member  RM2000.00

Hints for Preparation on Manuscript

  • ISRPM is a peer reviewed Journal.

  • The Authors are fully responsible for the contributions.

  • Copyright clearance will be the sole responsibility of authors for their papers.

  • The paper should be mainly based on various aspects of Technical Education only-preferably a qualitative one.

  • The Journal is NOT meant for publication of specialized research results in any discipline of Technical Education.

  • The paper should be limited to 15 printed pages of the Journal.

  • Manuscript MUST be submitted in duplicate, prepared as per the ISTE Guidelines.

  • Neatly prepared illustrations (minimum possible) are to be enclosed separately.

  • Enough precaution should be taken to make the manuscript error free.

  • Soft Copy of the manuscript MUST accompany Hard Copy. Without Soft Copy, paper will not be entertained.

  • In view of the large responses from Technical Education fraternity and limited space available in the Journal, the publication may take usually 6 months to 1 year from the date of receipt of the manuscript subject to approval by the reviewers.

  • All contributors are requested to please co-operate by observing the above mentioned Guidelines strictly while sending the paper for publication in the Indian Journal of Technical Education.

  • Note: Articles will be selected by the Editorial Board and are subject to editorial modification, if necessary.

Call for Paper

ISRPM solicits paper and articles of original, principled research papers dealing with theoretical, methodological, empirical and application-related aspects of technical education. Papers must clearly demonstrate relevance to pedagogical techniques in the field of engineering and technology, Management studies, Pharmacy, Hotel Management and Information Technology.

All submissions should describe original and unpublished work. Research papers should describe results of systems development and/or empirical or theoretical analysis. A small number of “review paper”, “survey paper” and “theme papers” will also be accepted. These should synthesize and examine broad issues in the field. Authors are encouraged to submit reports on work-in-progress as short papers.

Please follow the “Guidelines for submitting the papers” which is given below. All papers must be submitted electronically to ISRPM along with an undertaking for the originality, IPR and copyright issues. The full details of the author and their home institution (if any) should be given for correspondence. All the full papers and review papers will be peer reviewed or double blind refereed. For any further clarifications regarding the submission of the papers kindly contact us at the following address


Purpose of Awards

The purpose Professional Awards & Honors that to Recognize & Acknowledge the dedication and service of Individuals & Organizations Whose Innovative, creativity, passion for intellectual pursuit and development of work, talent and expertise make the greatest contributions, outstanding achievements and Research advancement in profession, the project management and workforce through the advancement of leadership, academic and technological skills, intellectual & excellence in publication of articles, books and projects.

Why Professional Awards

It provides unique, excellent opportunity to high- achieving professionals. The organization networking opportunities to advance careers, improve the individual and organizational success and further creating the awareness, standards of full-fledged activities of profession from School level to the most advanced information and the overhaul professional activities as per the criteria and eligibility of the awards standards.

Nomination and application

The Executive committee is currently Upgrading and issuing the several awards, Honors and regularly invites nominations of candidates and Institutions, in accordance with the provisions, criteria and objects of the organization. The organization tie up with expert regional committees from University, research Journals & institutions, associations and International organizations.

Evaluation Process

The Professional Organisation has many types of Educational & Professional Awards and that is based on the Individual Outstanding Experience, Contribution, Achievements and Dedicated Services in the area of specialisation . Individual Resume or Profile or Bibliography is important for Evaluation process.

Individual Title of Award

will be considered and selected based on the credits and Merits of Point System as per the Criteria.

The Individual has to Email the Resume for further Evaluation.

Mode of Payment 


Name of Bank: Maybank

Account: Current Account

Name of the Account: Innovative Scientific Research

                                         Professional Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

Account No: 51 43 47 62 11 05

Branch Address: Medan Tuanku Branch, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Name of Bank: Indian Bank

Account: Current Account

Name of the Account: The Innovative Scientific Research Professional Institute

Account Transfer use Short Name: Innovative Scientific Research

Account No: 66 08 24 63 18


Branch Address: Plot No 17 & 18, Hasan Nagar Colony, Agaram Road, Selaiyur, Chennai, Selaiyur - Tamil Nadu

Board of Directors

Waiting Room
Blue Smoke


Ph.D.,Post Doctoral(Aero)., B.Tech., M.S.Engg. AMIET (UK).,MSIET., AMSAE(USA).,FISET.,FISEEE,P.Engr, 

Chairman & Chief Editor  

Executive Committee Member

Innovative Scientific Research Professional Malaysia Sdn Bhd

The Society of Innovative Educationalist & Scientific Research Professional Chennai.

The Innovative Institute of Professional Institute

Dr. K.R.Max Leinonen, PhD,D.Tech., PDTech., PDT., MSET., SMISCE., SMSIESRP., PEngr.,MISEEE

Director – Executive Committee Member

Innovative Scientific Research Professional Malaysia Sdn Bhd

The Society of Innovative Educationalist & Scientific Research Professional Chennai.

The Innovative Institute of Professional Institute

Mohd Zamri Bin Mohd Sharif @ Abu Hassan 

IC: 770730-04-5253 
for Innovative Scientific Research Professional Malaysia Sdn Bhd 

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