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Society of Professional Engineers (SPE) India

Society of Innovative Educationalist &

Scientific Research Professional, Chennai

Malaysia Organisation 

Society of Engineers & Technicians Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Innovative Scientific Research Professional Malaysia Sdn Bhd







Group of 


Asian Institute of Engineering & Management (AIEM)

The Innovative Institution of Engineering Technological

and Management (IIETM)

Asian Institute of Paramedical Sciences (AIPS)

Incorporated June 1993

USA Degree Courses 

AIEM associated for Educational activities with USA UNIVERSITY DEGREE

B.S.,B.Tech., M.S., M.Tech, PhD, Post Doctoral 

Those who don't have the Basic Bachelor Degree, Master, PhD., & Post Doctoral Degree Certificate are eligible for writing the Online Study program & Examination of

PART 1 to PART 7 AIEM to Qualify the Bachelor, Master, PhD and Post Doctoral Degree Certificate of ISME Affiliated US University which is based on the Professional Credential Evaluation, Like the previous Certificate, Experience, Awards,  Dedicated Service, Scientific Research Journal Editorial Board Member, Reviewer, Project, Research Paper, Higher Level Designation, Professional Membership, Fellowship, Professional Engineer and Chartered Engineer Registration .

Apply for Post Doctoral Degree
through NCES Program
SIESRP,Engineering Today affiliated with
California University FCE,USA

Contact:  Dr.K.Rajendran Ph.D.,PDF(Aero).,  
Call & WhatsApp: 90035 71691





Editorial Board Member - Professional Membership Registartion ​- Institutional Membership - Student Membership


The Innovative Global Scientific Researchers, Educationalist- Professionals Awards & Fellowship Honors Convocation 2024 

Recipient of Post Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) Program

Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 20th to 23rd October 2024 (Tentative)



The society of Innovative Educationalists &

Scientific Research Professional Chennai

Society of Professional Engineers (SPE) India

International Conference on Dissemination of 

Innovative Scientific Research Strategies (ISRS 2021-22)

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How to Apply

Mode of Program & Examination

  • Distance Education ​​

  • Online Program & Exam

Object of the organization / Institution

1. To carry on business as publishers of scientific research journals and magazines related to



Medical Technology

Law and Management and other area of specialization,

Directories, newsletters, books glossaries and policy enforcements in various field.


2. To carry on business  as


Projects and



Individual Professional awards and as well as Institution

Affiliation and issue the membership to be member of various disciplines

Inviting the people from worldwide to communicate each other.


3. To carry on business to conduct

the workshop

Educate technical training course and

Study of advance diploma certificate

Organizing convention, conference, seminar, placement guidance

Short term programme in many areas of specialization and

Travel related services

tie up with International organization network to upgrade the communication

Certifications and recognizing the institution and

the academic personality ability skills of various areas and

to recommend them for their career up gradation.

The Aim of the Organization

The Professional Organization association with organization invites professionals to be part of the organization and to share their views with technological advancement. The Professional Organization commitment is to provide update resources and a highly developed structure that will enable the professionals and to students to meet the complex challenges of modern industry and it has eminent personalities associated with us.

The Educational- Professional Organization has given the great opportunity for everyone to participate in its working. All those Organizations, Professionals, Journal Editorial Board Members & Students who are eager to share their experience with the world can make their dreams come true through Professional Organization.

Individuals and organization can make best use of the Professional Organization services for bringing out the innovations in the area of specialization by exhibiting the skills and knowledge and equally get the updated with the technological advancement through the Professional Organization.

Vision and Strategy

Our aims and aspirations and how we intend to achieve them.

Our Values

Integrity - Operate professionally and ethically to gain trust.
Be open and honest with each other.
Respect everyone and value each other’s contribution.

Excellence - Work towards the highest level of service and satisfaction.
Use agile methods and seek innovative solutions to add value.
Continually improve and adopt best practices.

Teamwork - Encourage staff and volunteers to work together.
Recognize the value of talented individuals working in teams.
Be collaborative and partner with other organizations.


Issue of certificate for Educationalist and Professionals

Based on the following criteria and more credential the registration certificate  will be issued to individuals on any specialization.

  1. Approved Highest Educational Qualification

  2. Innovative Project & excellent knowledge

  3. Dissertation & Research paper publication

  4. Vast Experience practical exposure.

  5. Editorial Board Member Registration in any Registered Journals

  6. High level Designation and Leadership

  7. Professional membership Registration

  8. Chartered Engineer Registration

  9. Professional Engineer Registration

  10. Dedicated services in the field of education and practice.

  11. Achievement through awards recognition

  12. Seminar, workshop, conference participation

  13. Innovative Top Profile

  14. Scientific Research work

  15. Excellent knowledge in Editorial

  16. Examination


PG Diploma Courses

Engineering – Management Science – Medical Technology


Diploma: 1/2/3 Year - Advanced / Post Graduate Diploma : 1 Year

USA Degree: 3/4 Years (Bachelors Degree) - 1/2 Year (Master Degree)

2/3/4 Year ( Ph.D) - 1/2 Year (Post Doctoral Fellowship)

Previous Affiliated University

Newport University, California, USA

Current Affiliated & Accredited Institution 

  • The Institution of Aeronautics - Astronautics Engineers & Pilots (IAAEP)

  • Indian Society of Civil Engineers (ISCE)

  • The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME)

  • The Institution of Electrical & Electronics Engineers(IEEE Chennai)

  • The Innovative Institution of Engineering Technological and Management Science

  • Society of Professional Engineers (India)

  • Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME)

  • Indian Society of Arts & Science (ISAS)

  • Indian Society of Medical Science (ISMS)

  • The Institution of Hotel and Business Management Practitioners (IHBMP)

  • Innovative Scientific Research Professional Institute (ISRPI)

  • Indian Society of Electronics & Communication Engineers (ISECE)

  • Indian Society of Business Management

  • Indian Society of Hotel Management

  • Indian Society of Computer Engineers

  • Indian Society of Chemical Engineers 

  • Indian Society of Agriculture Engineers

  • Indian Society of Electronics Communication Engineers

  • Indian Society of Instrumentation Engineers

  • Indian Society of Automotive Engineers

  • Indian Society of Aerospace Engineers

  • Indian Society of Production Engineers

  • The Institution of Hotel and Business Management Practitioners (IHBMP)

  • The Institution of Civil and Architectural Engineers (ICAE)

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